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Palm of Hope Jewelry Designs' leader, Tamar Tikvah, creates one-of-a-kind pieces that are unique to the wearer and are meant to be treasured for a lifetime. Our pieces are handmade, using natural stones, pearls, and semi-precious stones. We strive to redefine "fashion" and go for bold and elegant statements.

My clients have been loyal to my brand. They represent all walks of life and are people who recognize the dedication, honesty, compassion and ethos they find in our work. What I find in my clients and friends is their uniqueness and their passions. Whether they see it or not, I see their inner beauty, strength, and courage to be different. Everyone is blessed with a special individuality, it’s our challenge to invoke this individuality and help you express it. 


Let’s step out of our boxes and dare to be different, dare to be innovative, and dare to show the world our inner and outer beauty. Come and explore my website, let's break the boundaries together. 


While every piece we create is a one of a kind, high fashion design, they are meant to enhance every look you may have. 

Our jewelry is meant to take you from a chic everyday look to a formal night out. Each piece is versatile enough to make you look stunning on any occasion.


Inspired by the stunning beauty of the natural world, we incorporate semi precious stones, natural stone, pearls, and unusual mineral specimens into all of our designs.


We are always experimenting with new materials and techniques to bring you statement pieces that showcase the beauty of nature; keeping in mind responsible use of our resources. 



My family is my life, joy, and an integral part of my business. Brian Gatchell, my husband is the creative talent behind our signature mineral cuts the design. He brings his geological knowledge to our creations. Without my lifelong sidekick, we wouldn't be able to travel our great country and bring our fresh designs. to you. 

Our son Ted, completes our business with his expertise in marketing and design. He oftens helps in design, and soon, he will be launching a line of his photographs; a unique perspective of his home in the Sonoran Desert and his travels. We'll keep you updated.

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