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Amazonite Necklace

"Each piece makes me think of a different story."

Inspired by a unique combination of couture fashion, the natural beauty of minerals, and classical art, each piece is a handcrafted creation that tells a story as individual as you. Elevate your style with our one of a kind designs.

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Orginal gifts for every budget. All pieces ship in a gift box with ribbon and an anti-tarnish storage bag. Can't decide? Try a gift card.


  • Our shows are slowly coming back!
    We are open for shopping 24/7!
    Open online 24/7
    We are open for shopping 24/7!
    Open online 24/7
    And the good news is we are here designing and preparing for whatever comes our way. Let us help you find a gift worthy of your style and taste. Please become a subscriber and we'll let you know we are traveling to!